Friday, October 31, 2008

Jones vs. Calzaghe

In my opinion, Roy Jones Jr. is the best fighter other than Ali himself and a pretty good dang fisherman. He has taken his bumps and bruises lately and I only hope that during the fight we get to see just a glimpse of what this film displays. there was a time where he was Untouchable!

The happy anachronism: a fishing blog

Found a really sweet Blog thanks to Brook Smith. Brook's site "The happy anachronism: a fishing blog" covers all kinds of topics and features some really sweet photos. Be sure to check him out.

Who's Da Man? Runnin Down the Man!

If you have never seen the film "Running Down the Man" it is worth finding and checking it out. This film sent a lot of people down south to run up and down a beach throwing flies to shadows in the water. Sometimes I think if we saw someone catch a fish Butt-Naked in some knee high church socks and the right person said it was cool that we would do it. I know I wouldn't but you might! Now Marinate!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rivers of a Lost Coast!!

Trailer - October 9th, 2008

Rivers of a lost Coast documents the demise of the Califfornia Coastal Salmon! These films just keep getting better and better...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Surf fishing for Great Whites?

So my my man Jim dug up this really cool video. Shark fishing from the beach. Not just any sharks.....Great Whites! Think Jawz! At first i thought WTF! and then I watched it and now I want in....

Friday, October 3, 2008

Bunyun Eating Fish?

So I was reading the Seattle Times morning and read an article and news clip about fish that eat the "fuhmundah" cheese from your feet. Corns & Bunyan ? Not a problem! Its like the Ol' Country Buffet when you drop them feet in the tank. The great thing is that after about 1 year of chewing the crud off your feet you can then fillet and deep fry them. What a wonderful nutty flavor!! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

AEG Media with another one....

You know I posted this the other day rushing out to get somewhere but there is some FILTHTY footage in this clip... Nice work again boys...

Tibor Spey?

Straight Ballin! this is the Escalade of Reels. THE ESV. The big boy of the big boys. Tibor has built a sick Spey reel with quick change spools and options for a speed handle. As always US built to last. If we all had a thousand dollars to purchase a Tibor! Marinate...