Monday, January 5, 2009


My boy Rathburn over at "The Chum" tells me that word is the homies over at AEG Media have broken ties with someone somewhere. That's right! I'll consider it over until I hear from one of them. No pillow talk, no gossip, just words between us. It is Over! you should've appreciated it!

I remember when it started, now there is a new page that will be turned...

That's why I never put money and passion together in one room...Marinate!

Thanks for doing it BIG when you did it!!

Its been a long time coming!! This is Steelheading!!

Sometimes a situation reminds you of what it means to be "Sick" with a passion for fishing. As Steelhead numbers dwindle and dwindle in the PNW, the struggle to hook and land fish on the fly has required more and more effort. More days standing in freezing cold rain, more hours fishing through that run "one more time". You're fishing the right water, you're confident in your flies, you're reading the books, saying your prayers and eating your vitamins! There are grown men who have gone there whole lives and never felt the Chrome tug on their line! But they keep going out there for the day they do. My boy Buddha recently had his day! After years of chasing and chasing and chasing! Buddha has reached the top of the mountain! CONGRATS BRO! Well deserved!!

Which rewards you more? To fill a cooler or fill your heart? Marinate!

Yeah we are on Facebook too!!

Well Well Well I have been so busy over the Holiday Fishing that I for got to tell you guys that we are now officially on Facebook. Log on and join the clan! Same dang thang just a few new faces..