Monday, March 9, 2009

How do you catch a record Steelhead..

So with all the Hype and threats on lives concerning British Pete I thought it only righteous that we show you how to properly handle this situation in the future. Below we have a perfect example of this...Plus whoever wrote this really wanted to sell some LOOP and nothing sells more gear than really hot FISH PORN!! They should have a PPV channel dedicated to this...MARINATE!!

Our Loop Team Finland member Antti Pirinen visited Steelhead Heaven in Northern British Columbia in late September for some steelhead fishing. This monster was lurking in a small BC river. After catching three beautiful steelheads it was already a perfect day. There was no pressure after such a great fishing, no expectations left. Then it hit! A huge steelhead ran down and across the river making a series of huge leaps. There was nothing small about this fish. From the first moment on it was all brutish power, monstrous proportions and rage. As it jumped water splashed pure silver and bright pink. Antti managed to stop the run and started walking down stream to give him pull from another angle. With the Opti Speedrunner Antti put the brakes on this bad boy and the fight lasted no more than seven minutes. Local fishing people claim this 30lbs steelhead to be the largest fly caught steelhead ever recorded on this river in Skeena country. After a few quick photos this monster buck got his well deserved freedom and continues the journey in his home river.

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