Thursday, March 25, 2010

Deals on the FLY!!!! You better save this one!!

So you really need to save the addresss

Everyday there is a new deal..Get it fast and make it happen....

Friday, March 20, 2009

My destination...

For years I have dreamed of fishing one place in my lifetime...CUBA! Maybe it is the idea that I am not suppose to be there that entices me to go? Every time I look at the Avalon Charter Blog I realize that it is worth the dice roll and soon I will play in the game. The people, the food, the music, the fishing. They all appeal to me. So much so that I really hope they keep the embargo. As much as I love Americans we do have a bad habit of trying to perfect the things of this world that are already perfect...Marinate!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brian Jill & The Lost Coast Anglers!!

So fishing can be funny at times. 2 people can know of each other.Be friends with and fish with the same people exact people but never officially meet. That is Brian Jill & I.

For that reason I still consider him a good fishing homey and if he showed up at more front door I would treat him like I do all my good fishing homeys. Feed him, give him a place to lay his head and forget all my responsibilities to go and throw line while they visit.

Brian is on the map once again with "Lost Coast Anglers" angler services. The website is sick and is growing like wildfire! So if you are thinking of fishing in Florida I would give him a call cause either he can guide you or he knows a guy that knows a guy that can!!

FYI- If you don't like 95 degrees and 95% humidity, big mosquitoes and horseflies then.....I guess you'll be alright!! MARINATE!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Classic Kinney!

You know with all the 'Buzz" around 2 handed/Spey Rods sometimes we forget the funniest things about the world. Take for instance my good friend Mike Kinney. My boy Burke sent me this awesome picture of Mike that is just classic! If you don't know Mike, he was one of the people that helped to bang out the technique of Skagit Style of fishing with 2 handed/Spey rods. 25+ years of chuckin line is a lot of knowledge. Having not spent as much time with him as I would like to absorb more, I do consider myself lucky to have learned as much as I can. Now here is the best thing about this...HE STILL GUIDES!! This is like going fishing with Lefty Kreh for the day gents..If you are ever in the Northwest and want to have an awesome day on the 2 or single handed rod you should look him up...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Gotta stay Fresh Dressed in Pata-Gucci!!


You know every once in a while in the world of fly fishing were most of it is over priced and you never pay the listed price unless you are that guy! (Sorry if you're that guy. If you aren't sure then you probably are and that's another topic!!) There comes along a brand that really represents the sport. There the guys you pay full price for just because you are investing in them as much as they are investing in you. they got a great product, great service and quite frankly their just good darsh gone people!!
As I am watching Hustle & Flow with my kids in downtown Seattle at The Fly Fishing Film Tour presented by The Drake, I realize that over the last 3 years one of the only constants has been Patagonia. They have invested time & time again not only in the fly fishing culture but in improving our world as we know it. The gear is really good and actually worth every dollar you spend with them. The other constant is that BackYard is always drunk but we are praying for him!

Now I must say that anybody that puts wool in the booties of their waders is my friend to begin with cause a brother don't like cold feet!! MERINO WOOL TOO! That's the good stuff too!! If they lined the whole inside with it I would probably fish Butt naked!! That's PataGucci!! Now Marinate on that till the flavor is in the bone!

How do you catch a record Steelhead..

So with all the Hype and threats on lives concerning British Pete I thought it only righteous that we show you how to properly handle this situation in the future. Below we have a perfect example of this...Plus whoever wrote this really wanted to sell some LOOP and nothing sells more gear than really hot FISH PORN!! They should have a PPV channel dedicated to this...MARINATE!!

Our Loop Team Finland member Antti Pirinen visited Steelhead Heaven in Northern British Columbia in late September for some steelhead fishing. This monster was lurking in a small BC river. After catching three beautiful steelheads it was already a perfect day. There was no pressure after such a great fishing, no expectations left. Then it hit! A huge steelhead ran down and across the river making a series of huge leaps. There was nothing small about this fish. From the first moment on it was all brutish power, monstrous proportions and rage. As it jumped water splashed pure silver and bright pink. Antti managed to stop the run and started walking down stream to give him pull from another angle. With the Opti Speedrunner Antti put the brakes on this bad boy and the fight lasted no more than seven minutes. Local fishing people claim this 30lbs steelhead to be the largest fly caught steelhead ever recorded on this river in Skeena country. After a few quick photos this monster buck got his well deserved freedom and continues the journey in his home river.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Black Dyno-Mite!

I just had too!!!!

Catch Magazine #4

So with all the magazines out there right now I must say that Catch Magazine is one of my favorites. This is the 4th issue of the magazine and they continue to only get better. If you are not familiar with it, Catch was put together by some of the best photographers and videographers in the business. There aint no grip & grin here baby.....Marinate..

Monday, March 2, 2009

#15..The latest " This is FLY"

15 issues deep and still putting out a uniques product...This is Fly ladies & Gents...Not 8ball & MJG FLY but it is still Fly!

Loop Army!!

Loop Army has been growing like mad!! With a new website and a new magazine slated to be released big things are coming full tilt from Loop Army!!